Law and Older

Bartender turned Hairstylist turned Law Student. That's normal, right?

I don't post GIFs because I don't know how. Food. Gym. Photos. Style. Words.

Katko v. Briney


Spring guns are not good,

Will be on the Bar exam,

Oh crap, “It’s a trap!” 

Parade day

The entire city is going to the Red Sox parade in celebration of the World Series win.

I am going to the lawbrary.

Heading to a networking event. Last looks before I left reminded me how tired I look ALL the time.

ALL. The. Time.

Oh, civ pro…

Still shivering from being in the lawbrary all day. 67 degrees? Is that really necessary?


RE-BLOG if you’re out and proud! 


RE-BLOG if you’re out and proud! 

There are three types of students:


Professor: So, X happens be cause A did something to B!

Student 1: Oh that makes sense!

Student 2: *Raises hand* But what if A were to do it to C while D was watching and then Q ran over and punched F, who then fell into A?!?!

Student 3: *Raises hand* But, wasn’t X abolished during Y and Z, because there aren’t tacos on the moon and I like cheese?

Civ Pro says, Beware!  Hostile Librarians!

Just when I thought I liked writing memos, I get my first attempt back..with comments.

(Insert thrilling “dum dum dah!” music).

The good thing about skipping bar review is the library is empty. Woot woot.